wip. And may stay that way since my cat doesn't want me to finish it, eh.



I have NOT forgotten this blog! ...I just forgot I had stuff to post. So a quick, short update for you:



Ending this month with a little post so I don't have to feel bad if I miss updating next month KD'''

And lastly some not-so-safe-for-work behind these links :D
Hyun sketches, with some porny stuff too ~
And another (porny u3u) pencil sketch~



A smallish update with random stuff, I had more sketches and stuff I've scanned but I seem to have lost them :I

Full picture available here

Omg something non-original wheee~ (Or well, I suppose partially original if the characters aren't official TF2 characters. I had great ideas and yay I'll do this and then just blah. I still can't do things how I want, this would look so better with someone else's style...)



Just a quick update. Check out these backgrounds I did for a school project, an interactive animation~  Like this they don't really look like anything >_> But they'll all have some sort of movement (which you can see from a couple of them where I've posted two pics in one u3u)
I'll probably post you a link once the animation is done :D You'll see all the work I did besides these (these aren't all of the things I did, so stay tuned~)

Now then, huhhhh. Personally, I'm not at all pleased. I only like the crossroad- background somewhat, the others... I just wanted to be able to do much better :I But, they're okay for the rest of the team, so I won't start fighting with them any longer. Ahhh I wish I could show you these when they're animated! They're a bit prettier then~