Something old! -Again.

So here comes a huge dump of sketches from my two sketchbooks :>
I usually draw in class and lectures *gets shot* or on the train / train station.
So yes, here comes:
 Rest are under here~



These are quite seriously some of the best feet I have  ever drawn. AND THEY'RE NOT ATTACHED TO PEOPLE :I

^ This I was going to do all perfect and finished and awesome but then I got laz- uh, important stuff came up ò^ó
Also, some oldies:

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Hello all! This is the kickstarting, epic post that will fire up my art&sketchblog here u3u~ I'll update randomly when I get something done, whether it's good or not.
So, to start up I'm going to post some oldies here to give you a taste of what's going to be in here u_u ...Later. For now, enjoy the true love-monkeys on your left.

I'm not responsible for traumas caused by the imagery.

(And while I'm at it, the whole place is still under construction 'cause I want a nicer layout and stuffs u_u also, be adding links to some more awesome artblogs later, look forward to it o3o!)