These are quite seriously some of the best feet I have  ever drawn. AND THEY'RE NOT ATTACHED TO PEOPLE :I

^ This I was going to do all perfect and finished and awesome but then I got laz- uh, important stuff came up ò^ó
Also, some oldies:

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  1. ;O;
    I saw this Mio and Rom drawing in Skype, but you had left already when I was about to say something, and I haven't seen you online in a couple of days.
    But now I can comment to you because you uploaded it here too, haha!
    I love love love it! I really wish you would color it someday, because it's so pretty, and I know that with your amazing coloring skills you will do some magic once again ;u;

  2. Thank you ;3; I'm so happy you like it, but I don't think I'm going to finish it OTL I really don't have the motivation 'cause it just bugs me too much xD But I'll try to get better and draw a new and better one! <3