Anyway, a sketch dump for you!

I'm the panda u_u L4D2 is awesome.

Anyway, then for some schoolstuff :D I'm starting my seminar project (I'M IN CONTROL BWAHAHAHA) and already did some sketches. Officially I'm only going to start working on it next year, but it's good to have some basis on it. I'll do concept art for a game (self-designed) and then do the 3d-models of a couple of characters too. YAY.



Some sketches for people at a doll forum, done during class. These are requests I'm going to start working on soon as I get the motivation u3u

Some Hyun. Bald Hyun.

Kiefer and a bald Hyun. That's what he looks like in my head :I

pffft idk

A random WIP

OC!krogan, Runo.



For a break on with the updates, but holiday just started and I don't have access to a scanner/tablet :''> so no material for a while from me!
So have a random WIP I'll never finish because it bugged me too much xD might try and redo it though.

// OH! I also finished my portfolio-site for the time being, if you want to exchange links just give me a shout, you'll get a nice spot in my footer u3u (I want a different layout and all that, but I'll get to it some other day when school isn't pressuring me. I actually only got around to doing that one 'cause it was part of a course xD)



Dammit, missed Thursday :I

Oh well. Have a shitload of pictures! Mostly speedpaints and sketches, but a couple of WIP-sneak peeks thrown in too.



First set of silhouettes done in class. Approx. 20-30 seconds per page, using a black marker.
Second set.
Third set.
Fourth and last set.
Something extra I was told to sketch for class 9_9
Ummmm I dunno lol
Couldn't get far with this 'cause had to leave for next class u3u
I like tormenting Karon.
And then something R-rated, prettyboygaylove here.