First set of silhouettes done in class. Approx. 20-30 seconds per page, using a black marker.
Second set.
Third set.
Fourth and last set.
Something extra I was told to sketch for class 9_9
Ummmm I dunno lol
Couldn't get far with this 'cause had to leave for next class u3u
I like tormenting Karon.
And then something R-rated, prettyboygaylove here.



I figured I'll just post whatever I've done each day, if I've done anything u_u~ So here goes three sketches.

Started out with the middle pic, but the whole page seemed so empty so I just randomly scribbled stuff.



Just something drawn today in class:
I kind of want to do a finished piece of this.
We were supposed to design ourselves as a character for the game we're designing in our groups 9_9


Sketches and then some

And here comes more sketching! Boring ones since I'm just trying to get the feel for traditional drawing back for our concept art classes (whichi'mgonnafailsobaaaad)

Some clothing design- with squishy faces because I was trying to hide the fact I was drawing and not taking notes in class KD
Some very bad anatomy.
A request for a fellow forum member.